3-Step Treatment Plan for Dry Eyes

A three-step treatment plan is one of the most effective ways to treat dry eyes. By following these three simple steps, you could reduce your symptoms significantly.


Woman with Eye Mask

Step 1: Use a warm compress

Begin by using a heated compress, such as MeiboPatch®, over your eyes. Lay this over your upper face so that it covers the bridge of your nose, upper and lower eyelids.

You should keep this mask on for seven to 10 minutes, during which time it will gently release warmth which can fluidise secretions that may have blocked the meibomian glands.

After you remove the mask, you should give your dry eyes a gentle eyelid massage to help release the oils from the glands.

Always keep your eyes closed when using a warm compress, and we recommend buying a new MeiboPatch® every 1-2 months, to make sure hygiene measures are followed.[1]

To find out more about our MeiboPatch®, click here: MeiboPatch®


Woman Wiping Eye

Step 2: Wipe your dry eyes

Cleanse and wipe away the melted oil from your meibomian glands, as well as any built-up debris. You should do this with a cleanser like Naviblef®.

Close your dry eyes and massage your eyelids and eyelashes with the foam, then leave it there for around 60-80 seconds. Then, rinse your eyelashes and eyelids with warm water.

Discover more about Naviblef® here: Naviblef® [2]


Eye with Eye Drops

Step 3: Lubricate your dry eyes

Use an effective lubricant like any drop from our VISUfamily range. Depending on your condition, you need to choose an eye drop that will work for you and ease your symptoms.

Find out more about what eye drop for dry eyes would be best for you here: Eye Drops vs Eye Gel For The Treatment of Dry Eyes


In most cases, the best way to treat dry eyes, Also known as dry eye syndrome, is to use eye gel or eye drops.

VisuXL Gel® is a preservative-free smart gel lubricant for dry eye syndrome. It provides comfort in a bottle with it’s long-lasting lubrication properties giving 12-hour dosing with just one drop and is suitable for both day and night use.

VisuXL® is a preservative-free eye drop lubricant for dry eye syndrome. Due to its unique ingredients, VisuXL® will help you recover from eye surgery, an injury or persistent damaging dry eye.

VisuEvo® is a preservative-free eye drop that prevents excessive evaporation of the tear film. Its unique formula contains omega-3 essential fatty acids, Vitamins A and D and ultra-filtered phospholipids that facilitate tear film presentation and control evaporation.

All three products are contact lens-friendly and can be used for 180 days after opening.

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