Find Out Which Dry Eye Treatment is Best For Your Condition


There’s an array of treatments for Dry Eye Disease on the market, and it can be hard to know the difference between them. If you’re looking for guidance around which treatment is best for your personal experience, read on. 


This blog aims to explain what some of the top medical and lifestyle treatments for Dry Eye are, and how they work to alleviate symptoms.


Different types of Dry Eye


They are two main types of Dry Eye. Aqueous Tear Deficient Dry Eye is when the lacrimal glands in your eyes don’t make enough tears.1 Evaporative Dry Eye is when your tears dry up too quickly to help protect your eyes.2


You can either have one, or both types of Dry Eye. It is useful to know what is causing your symptoms, so that you can understand which treatment is best for your condition.


Eye drops


Eye drops are the most common form of medical treatment for Dry Eye. They lubricate the eyes, relieving symptoms and easing the itching and suffering. 


Artificial tears, such as Xalin Tears, are available over the counter and keep your eyes moist, protecting the outer layer. They are ideal for irritating but not debilitating Dry Eye conditions, and also prevent symptoms of eye irritation caused by contact lenses. 3 4


Preservative drops prevent the growth of bacteria after you open the bottle, but can sometimes cause infections in frequent users.5


Preservative-free drops work to protect your eyes from chronic Dry Eye symptoms, without the harmful side effects of preservatives. VisuXL preservative-free drops, for example,contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid and CoQ10 which provides both healing of the ocular surface, and lasting lubrication. The cross-linked formulation means it holds on the surface of the eye far longer, resulting in lasting comfort. 6.



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Eye Gel


Eye gel comes in different forms. It aims to lock in moisture and helps sooth itching and redness associated with Dry Eye. This is especially useful if you suffer from Evaporative Dry Eye. 


Some gels come in a tube, and others in drop form, like VisuXL Gel. VisuXL Gel is indicated for both day and night use, containing cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose, a safe, effective and long lasting lubricant. 7 VisuXL Gel transforms from a liquid to a gel once it reaches the ocular surface. Therefore, you get the convenience of a drop, along with the benefits and longevity of a gel. 12hr dosing means that just one drop morning and night helps to relieve Dry Eye symptoms all day long. 8 †


Eye patches


Often, Dry Eye Symptoms are caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). This is where the tiny meibomian glands in your eyelids that produce the oil and mucus (that keep the eyes lubricated) get painfully clogged.9


A heated patch, such as Meibopatch helps to melt the ouil blocking the meibomian glands, so that your eyes can become hydrated again. 10

Eye Wash

An eye wash, such as Naviblef, helps remove any dirt and debris, and heal dry, scratchy eyes. It is ideal for patients that suffer from Blepharitis, which is caused by a build up of bacteria on the eyelids. 11


Lifestyle changes


As well as Dry Eye treatments, there are many lifestyle changes that you can try to prevent symptoms. Quitting smoking and reducing the amount of alcohol you drink are great places to start for Dry Eye sufferers.12


Diet supplements


What we eat can also have an impact on our eye health. Foods rich in Vitamin A, C, E and Omega 3, are great for promoting eye health.13 There are also food supplements that you can take, like CoQun OS capsules, that contain key nutrients which help rejuvenate eye cells.14


To see which Dry Eye treatment works best for you, visit the VISUfarma website, or see more symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome.




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