How to Put in Eye Drops for Dry Eye

Whether you’re using eye drops for hay fever, conditions like styes, or Dry Eye Disease, we’re here for you. Read on to find out our tips on how to put in eye drops for Dry Eye.


How to put in eye drops: Step-by-step instructions

Before you put your eye drops in, make sure that your hands are nice and clean. Additionally, have tissues nearby to wipe away any excess tears or drops that might occur.[1]


Step 1: Prepare

Wash your hands and make sure that you have everything you need around you.


Step 2: Tilt your head

Sit up and look up, or lay down if this is easier. 


Step 3: Pull down your eyelid

Pull your eyelid down and away from your eyeball, making a pocket for your drops.


Step 4: Squeeze the bottle

Put the prescribed number of drops into your eye, or the number of drops suggested on the bottle or instructions for use. You may have to squeeze or use a pump action to administer the drops.


Step 5: Close your eyes

Close your eye for at least one minute and hold your finger over your tear duct (the small hole in the corner of your eye).


Make sure that you always close the eye drop container after use.[2] If you use more than one type of eye medication, wait at least five minutes between using each type.[3]


Woman puts eye drops into her eyes


Should you blink after putting eye drops in?

This often depends on doctor’s advice. However, Dan T. Gudgel of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) recommends that you should not blink. Instead, close your eyes for at least one minute.[4]


How long should you close your eyes after eye drops?

You should close your eyes for a minimum of one minute, to allow the drops to soak into your eyes and prevent them from soaking into your nose.[3]


How many times a day can you use eye drops?

The number of times a day you should use eye drops varies depending on the type of eye drop you choose. VisuXL® eye drops only need to be used two times a day, making them a solution that can become part of your daily routine.[2]  


Man putting eye drops into eye


How far away do you hold eye drops?

You should put eye drops within one inch of your eye, when you are applying them.[5] This allows you to aim better into the pocket that you have created.


How should I store eye drops?

Eye drops need to be stored effectively to prevent being spoiled. Bottles usually need to be kept in a cool, dry place, unless otherwise stated on the instructions for use.[6]


Best eye drops for dry eyes

We offer a vast range of eye drops for dry eyes, so that you can be prepared. From VisuXL® Gel to Xailin® Tears, we have everything you could need.

Our latest blog helps you to identify which Dry Eye products would suit your needs, based on your symptoms. For more information on eye gels and eye drops for dry eyes, visit this blog: Eye Drops vs Eye Gel for Dry Eyes


In most cases, the best way to treat dry eyes, Also known as dry eye syndrome, is to use eye gel or eye drops.

VisuXL Gel® is a preservative-free smart gel lubricant for dry eye syndrome. It provides comfort in a bottle with it’s long-lasting lubrication properties giving 12-hour dosing with just one drop and is suitable for both day and night use.

VisuXL® is a preservative-free eye drop lubricant for dry eye syndrome. Due to its unique ingredients, VisuXL® will help you recover from eye surgery, an injury or persistent damaging dry eye.

VisuEvo® is a preservative-free eye drop that prevents excessive evaporation of the tear film. Its unique formula contains omega-3 essential fatty acids, Vitamins A and D and ultra-filtered phospholipids that facilitate tear film presentation and control evaporation.

All three products are contact lens-friendly and can be used for 180 days after opening.

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